How to register on Binance?

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May 10, 2022
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How to register on Binance?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a medium of primary interaction with cryptocurrencies. There are plenty of cryptocurrency exchanges, some of them are international whereas others just operate within a country. 

Nowadays, cryptocurrency exchanges have become more than just a platform to buy and sell tokens. Some international platforms are now forming an ecosystem of their own. Such platforms offer greater features and benefits to their user base.  

Binance is one such exchange that offers anything and everything a user could ever ask. Binance is the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange with an average daily volume of 2 Billion. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this platform is suitable for all users. 

Additionally, the Binance ecosystem consists of various features and products which work seamlessly with Binance’s own blockchain BNB. This token has great utility when it comes to transactions or even launchpad events. 

Binance primarily offers an exchange platform, a launchpad for projects, and a fully capable decentralized wallet. If you too want to become a part of the Binance ecosystem, you will have to register on Binance. 

How To register for Binance?

To register to Binance by email, you just have to follow a few steps and in a few minutes, you will have your Binance account ready. Listed below are the outlined steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Binance and click on the register button visible on the top right-hand side corner.
  2. On the page, the dialogue “Create a free account” will appear, there will be two options, Email, and Mobile.
  3. Choose email, and fill in all the required information (do read the terms of service), tick the box and click on create an account.
  4. You have to solve the puzzle for security verification, it will take a couple of seconds to complete the process.
  5. You will receive an email from Binance with a verification code, enter the verification code and you will be redirected to further process. Enter the code within 30 minutes or it will expire. If you didn’t receive any code, click on resend email or check the “Spam” folder of your email.
  6. After verification, you have successfully registered. If you want to enhance your security, you can enable two-factor authentication. 

NOTE: The registration process can be done with a phone number too. You have to follow similar kinds of steps to create your account on Binance. 

Identity Verification

Identity verification is an essential process. Identity verification includes the basic steps we go through in every other verification, you have to verify your personal details by providing ID proofs and documents along with uploading your selfie picture.

By completing the verification you can get access to your Binance account. The whole process will take a couple of minutes. After completing, Binance provides full access to its services to you.

Let's start with the step by step guide to complete the Identity Verification

  1. For the people who already have a Binance account, log in to your account and click on the symbol next to the notification icon. 
  2. A Floating Box will appear with multiple options, click "Identification".
  1. For users who are new to Binance, click the "Get Verified" option on the homepage
  1. Later you'll find three options, verified, verified plus and enterprise verification. The Fiat deposit amount varies as per these options. The limit changes according to the country and you can change your country from the option available next to the region, on the top right-hand side corner.
  1. Now, click the ‘start now’ option from your chosen verification option.
  1. Now, select the country where you reside, please choose the same country which is given in your ID proof. You'll be redirected to the page with a list of verifications required in your region.
  1. Fill in all the required personal information, same as provided in your ID proof.
  1. Now, you have to upload your ID, the system will only accept passports, government-issued ID and driver's licenses. If you try to submit other ID proofs, the system will reject them automatically


  1. After choosing one of the options, you have to upload a picture of your documents. Instructions would be provided by the website, with proper bulletins and pictures. Follow them thoroughly or your documents may get rejected.
  1. You have to enable the camera permission for the website and click the photos, make sure you take clear photos so that the details can be read properly.
  2. After uploading documents, you'll be asked to upload your photo or selfie, you can take a selfie or upload it from your computer (please follow the provided instructions on the website).
  1. Later, you have to complete facial recognition or else you can complete this step by scanning the QR code from the Binance application on your phone

  1. After completing identity verification, you have to wait until Binance sends you the email. Binance will review your submitted documents and will verify it soon. If your verification is denied you can attempt it again. 

NOTE: The limit for verification is 10 times per day, after that you have to wait for 24 hours to try again. You have to complete your basic information and photo verification within 15 minutes.

How To Enable The 2FA By Using Google Authenticator

Enabling the Two-Factor Authentication is pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Binance account and go to 'Profile' >> 'Security'

Step 2: Select 'Enable' next to the 'Google Authentication'.

Step 3: Doing that will redirect you to another page where you will have to follow some more steps to enable the Google Authenticator.

1. Download and install the Google Authenticator application on your handset and then click on 'Next' after you have installed it.

2. A QR code will appear on the screen and you will have to scan that QR code from the mobile application by clicking on the '+' button located on the bottom right of your screen.

3. In case you face some difficulty in scanning the QR code, you can also just enter the setup key manually.

4. Proceed to save the backup key somewhere safe as this key will help you to recover the Google Authenticator if you ever lose your phone.

5. Next you have to just verify the Google Authenticator with the other 2FA devices. This will enable the Google Authenticator that will protect your account. 

Get Familiar With The Binance Interface

Binance as we know is the leading cryptocurrency exchange. One reason for becoming the most preferred exchange is its interface. Once you have completed your registration on this platform, it’s good to spend some time learning about the interface. 

If you have used any other cryptocurrency exchange (international) before then it won’t take you much time to get along with the interface of Binance. However, if you are someone who is using a cryptocurrency exchange for the very first time, then here’s an introduction to the binance interface. 


When you visit the Binance homepage for the first time, you will get to see a banner to register on the exchange. But now that you have already registered on Binance, you will get to see random cryptocurrencies in the center of the page. 

Markets Page

On top, you will see a tab “Markets”, click on the tab to open the markets page. Here you will have all the cryptocurrencies which are listed on Binance. You can search any cryptocurrency you want using the search box. 

Spot Trading Page 

Click on any cryptocurrency you want to trade. Let’s go with Bitcoin to go to the spot trading page. Note that, when you click on a cryptocurrency for the first time, you will get a prompt asking you to choose from different trading views. For now, leave it to the classic view. Later on, you can change the view from the settings tab.

On the left side of the page, you will find an order book. Here, the top portion is reserved for “asks” where all the recent sell orders for selected crypto will be shown in the red color. The bottom portion is reserved for “bids” and it will show you recent buy orders in green color.

Whereas, on the right-hand side, you will see the market list along with the available trading pairs. In the middle, you will see one graph. This is a real-time market chart in the form of candlesticks. 

Below that, there’s a trading section, by means of which you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. You can either buy a cryptocurrency at a limit price or market price. Similarly, you can create sell orders too. 

You will find your open orders or order history at the bottom of the screen. This was an overview of the interface you will use the most.  


Binance is one of the most used sites/applications for people who invest in cryptocurrencies. It offers a lot of features and attractive functions that the users just cannot resist. Hence, if you are thinking of registering on a launchpad, Binance should be your choice.

This article has listed all the ways you can register on Binance along with how you can do it. You can also secure your account via Two-factor authentication. Hope this article was helpful for you. Do check out the other articles regarding Cryptocurrencies on our site.

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