How to participate in Binance Launchpool?

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May 17, 2022
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How to participate in Binance Launchpool?


Cryptocurrency market is always considered as a high risk market. It is the riskiest form of investing money. The price fluctuation is quite high in the short term. On the other hand, the stock market is considered a lot safer than the crypto market. 

As an investor, it’s important to diversify your investments and manage the risk factor well. If you are looking forward to balancing your risks by dividing your crypto portfolio into spot trading and launchpool, this article will guide you on how to participate in a Binance launchpool. 

However, if you are new to the term “Binance Launchpool” and have no idea as to what we are talking about, then stick with us till the end to know about this amazing investing technique that can grow your money with much less risk.

What Is Binance Launchpool?

Launchpool is basically a platform where you stake tokens to earn more tokens. The tokens you earn on launchpool are directly proportional to the amount of tokens you spent participating in the launchpool. 

Once you stake your tokens, they will be locked and will only be available to trade on Binance after the 7th day of farming. The number of tokens you earn can be calculated hourly over a period of 30 days as most launchpools are of 30 days.  

Binance, as you might already know, is the largest decentralized cryptocurrency exchange available internationally. Therefore, a launchpool coming from such a global platform is super beneficial for all the so-called farmers. 

Launchpool basically allows users to collect and store a newly launching cryptocurrency before it gets listed on Binance officially. However, you can also stake and accumulate these tokens after it is listed on the platform. 

Some people might get confused between a launchpad and launchpool. Both of these features are offered by Binance and both of these tools give a better return in investments. Though both of these are pretty much different from one another. Let’s see how launchpool is different from launchpad. 

Launchpool Vs Launchpad 

The Binance Launchpad and Launchpool both were made to bring growth to the projects that are hosted on Binance. Users can make use of both these things to invest in all the tokens that get listed on Binance. 

Even though their end result is the same, Launchpad and Launchpool are very different from each other although they have raised more than $143 million in total tokens to the users. All these tokens are worth almost $1 Billion right now. 

Binance Launchpad was launched in the year 2019 whereas Launchpool was launched in September 2020. Launchpad has so far sold more than $57.8 million tokens spread across 23 projects whereas Launchpool has distributed more than $85.4 million tokens via 17 projects.

The current value of all those Launchpad tokens is around $725 million and that of the tokens distributed through launchpool is $209 million. Launchpad has made a growth that is almost 12 times its original value now. Furthermore, Launchpad plans to safeguard commitments that will be worth around 38.2 BNB which is around $10 Billion.

Coming to Launchpool, there has been a growth of almost 150% from the original value even though the Cryptocurrency market was a bit down for more than 2 months. So even though both Launchpad and Launchpool have the same end result, the way they go about it is very different.

How To Participate To A Binance Launchpool

To farm a new token for free, you have to participate in Binance Launchpool. You can earn new tokens every 30 days after participating, and they usually appear on the 7th day of the farming. A fun fact, you can harvest your tokens anytime, there’s no rush, as your tokens are calculated on an hourly basis. 

The most important part of farming is you are on Binance Launchpool and Binance allows you to accumulate a new coin before listing it on Binance. So users have no restrictions and can farm more to earn free coins. Let's check out the guide to participate in binance launchpool

You can participate on Launchpool from the web as well as from the application on your mobile phone. 

Web Version

Step 1: Go to the website

Step 2: Now you can select the pool you like or you are interested into stake your tokens

Step 3: After selecting the pool you can stake the amount of token you want

Step 4: Click on “Stake”

Step 5: You have to wait for a couple of minutes and now you are done with the participation


Step 1: Download the Launchpool application on your phone

Step 2: After opening the application, under launchpool section, you can see Start Now button on tokens, click on the button of token you are interested in

Step 3: Same as website, Click on stake and stake the amount you want

Step 4: Now a notification will pop-up for confirmation, Click on Confirm purchase

Step 5: After confirmation you are done with the process

To make it simple for you, you just have to go to the website of the Binance launchpad and select the pool that you want to stake in and then choose the amount and proceed to stake. As simple as that!

And if you are using the application of Binance on your smart phone, you will just have to select the token you want to stake and then go on to stake on it and after you complete the confirmation, the process will be completed.


Binance Launchpool can be a great hassle-free means of growing your money as compared to participating in IDOs or even spot trading. Participating in a Binance launchpool is quite easy and I hope this guide helped you.

Binance is a huge platform that allows you to do a whole lot of investing. You can make use of it and make smart investments to safeguard your future. If you need any help while doing so in any of the processes, we are here to help you.

If you are new to the Binance platform, check out our guide on how to register yourself on Binance. After registering on Binance you can participate in launchpools or launchpads. You will find articles to guide you about that on our website.

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