What are the Jobs available for College Pass Outs in Crypto Industry?

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September 16, 2022
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What Are The Jobs Available For College Pass Outs In Crypto Industry?

The cryptocurrency sector has become much more than just a trend. It is being recognized all around the world. Businesses are being built around cryptocurrencies. Crypto companies are actively seeking people for both technical and non-technical roles.

However, this fastest growing industry is suffering from a shortage of talent. In spite of this industry being so popular, companies often struggle to find the right talent due to the lack of a curriculum that students can follow. 

There is no clear guidance on how to get a job in the crypto sector and do what one loves. Thus, in this article, we are going to help you understand what it takes to get into the crypto industry and the types of positions you can apply for.

As part of this article, you will also learn what resources are required to search for a job in this industry. So stay with us until the end and discover everything this emerging career path has to offer. 

What Does It Take To Get Into The Crypto Industry?

The crypto industry is very different from other industries as it is driven by the community. Most people working in this industry are here either because they are passionate about their work or because they are curious about cryptocurrencies.

Consequently, the job requirements for this domain are different from those for conventional jobs. Traditionally, a degree in a specific industry is enough to get a job. Whereas, in the crypto industry a degree is less important to recruiters than passion and problem-solving skills.

Here are the 4 things that will help you get a job in the crypto industry.

1. Understanding Of Basics Of Cryptocurrency

In some cases, cryptocurrency can be very confusing to people who haven't previously been exposed to it. However, a basic understanding of blockchain, crypto, and NFTs is essential for most job profiles. 

Both technical and non-technical roles require a person to be familiar with the concepts of cryptocurrency and how they work. For the technical roles, the scope of cryptocurrency may be extended to concepts of smart contract and blockchain.

2. University Degree

Although the technical jobs in the crypto industry differ from the technical jobs in conventional fields, having a computer science degree will give you an edge over others. The technical jobs in this industry usually include web development and blockchain development. Your software background will surely help you in doing specialization in blockchain development. 

Similarly, an MBA or degree in the media industry will help you get a non-technical job. Therefore, even though there is an absence of crypto-specific degrees, these general qualifications can help you get a crypto job. 

3. Certification Courses

As a replacement for degree courses on cryptocurrency, there are many digital courses available on online teaching platforms which can help you build job-specific skills. These courses will help you learn solidity, and teach you to build smart contracts, dApps and many more. 

You can even upskill yourself by taking such crypto-specific courses after getting your degree. Due to the absence of mainstream degree courses, recruiters hire people based on their skills and knowledge mostly based on self-learning. 

4. Build an on-chain resume

An on-chain resume is a means of verifying a person’s activities and participation in the crypto community. It can help recruiters to verify how much experience you have with various systems of cryptocurrency.

Your on-chain resume is a tamper-proof resume that will be trusted by the recruiter since it only contains your true experience within the ecosystem. If you have ever been part of a liquidity pool by providing liquidity, lent or borrowed assets or have utilized yield farming, all of your interactions will be shown on your on-chain resume. 

You can build your on-chain resume with the help of some web3 projects like RobbitHole. It involves completing various tasks, participating in quests and much more to cover various aspects of cryptocurrency. 

Benefits Of Working In The Crypto Industry

The Crypto industry is a part of web3 which has recently emerged. Therefore it does come with early bird advantages as well as some key benefits which attract young graduates to get into this industry. 

1. Flexibility In Work

One of the biggest perks of working in the crypto industry is flexibility in work. It offers numerous part-time and full-time opportunities which college pass outs are looking for. Most importantly, in most projects, you can work remotely without the hassle of daily commuting. 

You even get flexible work hours which are beneficial for students to work in the industry as they are completing their graduation. Even for college pass outs, it's a great opportunity to create multiple income streams with one of them being a crypto job. 

2. Broad Scope and Worldwide Exposure

Being a new career option, it is possible to get a crypto job even without having any experience. Once you get into the crypto industry, there is a wide scope in terms of job profiles and future growth.

The concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain are being incorporated in many sectors. Therefore, a person who has worked with cryptocurrencies can eventually work in any related field. 

Additionally, as cryptocurrencies have no geographical borders, people can work with the projects and companies situated on other side of the world and still get paid in cryptocurrencies which they can exchange for their national currency. 

3. High Paying Jobs

Cryptocurrency projects usually deal with high volumes of money, be it an investment or cash flow. Therefore, the salaries of employees working on these projects are on the higher side. 

Technical job profiles like blockchain developers and web developers are paid between seventy and two hundred thousand dollars a year. Even other non-technical job profiles like business managers and community managers are paid well. 

Jobs Available For College Pass Outs In Crypto Industry

As cryptocurrency is called as the currency of the internet, the highest paying jobs begin with technical jobs. Let’s take a look at all the job possibilities in the crypto industry.

1. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is the base of all cryptocurrencies and hence there is high demand for blockchain developers. Moreover, blockchain technology is being used in banking, healthcare and many more sectors, expanding the scope of blockchain developers.


The role of blockchain developers is to research, design and develop blockchain technologies. It includes coding, developing systems that record and store blockchain data, creating safety protocols, building infrastructure and much more.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Familiar with programming languages

Average Salary:

  • $154,500 per annum

2. Solidity Developer

Solidity development is a specialty position that comes under blockchain development. Solidity is a programming language used to create smart contracts that run on the Ethereum network. 


Solidity developers work with smart contracts which run on Ethereum. They develop smart contracts as per requirements and deploy them on Ethereum's blockchain. The role of solidity developers is to convert business goals into technical agreements.


  • Command over programming languages like solidity, c++, javascript and python.
  • Familiar with the fundamentals of cyber security.


Average Salary:

  • $80,500 per annum

3. UI/UX Designer

Web developer is one major aspect of a project, as a project’s website is the only means of interaction for users. Therefore, UI/UX designers are necessary to create appealing web interfaces. 


The UI/UX designers create and design web interfaces to enhance the user experience. The role also includes a lot of testing and interacting with customers to deliver the exact product they want. 


  • Bachelor's degree
  • Experience in web development and UI/UX designing

Average Salary 

  • $92,000 per annum

4. Software Engineer

Software engineers are one of the high paying job in the crypto industry. 


Role of software engineer is to create new products and services for a project. It includes programing, coding, testing and much more. The role of software engineers in crypto project is the same as in the IT industry.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or related field. 

Average Salary:

  • $118,560 per annum

5. Project manager

Project manager is a reputed position in the management team of a project. They play vital role in deciding a company’s future. The demand for project managers is increasing day by day with increasing number of crypto projects.


Project managers perform duties like arranging resources, planning next product, building teams, assigning and managing the budget for a product and much more. 


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Certification in project management courses related to crypto industry
  • Working experience

Average Salary:

  • $60,000 - $117,800 per annum

6. Community Manager

Community manager is a great job opportunity for anyone who wants to get started with crypto and has required skills. It is an entry level job having a decent growth potential.


Community manager usually deals with marketing and customer services. The role of community manager is to build and grow a community for projects and keep them engaged.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing
  • Marketing experience
  • Experience in handling managing roles

Average Salary:

  • $50,000+ per annum

7. Data Analyst

Data analyst is one of the high paying jobs in the IT industry and it's no different in the crypto industry either. The transparency of blockchain technology gives companies opportunity to collect, analyze and use the data for their growth. 


The role of a data analyst is to collect user data and analyze it to look for trends and patterns. This data can then be used to make future decisions for the company.


  • Bachelor's degree in related field

Average Salary:

  • $80,000 per annum

8. Content Writer

This is one of the notable job in the the marketing team of the crypto industry. What makes this job unique is it does not require you to acquire Bachelors. The only thing you will need is a portfolio of your content, If you have relevant knowledge and skills about this post, you will be hired. 


The role of content creator is to write the content for various aspects and does not limits itself to Blogs, Articles, Twitter Tweets, Telegram Posts. 


  • A good portfolio of your writings

Average Salary

  • $6000 per annum

Apart from these, there are many more job opportunities available in the crypto industry like security architect, legal consultant, quality engineer, blockchain engineer, blockchain consultant, etc. The job profiles and role may differ from one organization to another. 

Websites That’ll Help You Find Jobs In Crypto Industry

Unlike traditional jobs, jobs in the crypto sector are not always easy to find. Most projects don't advertise openings in their project on platforms like LinkedIn. Therefore, it can get a bit hectic to find jobs by yourself. 

To ease out the job hunting process, there are a number of websites where you can find all available crypto jobs like these:


If you are a college pass-out, we hope this article would have helped you get familiar with different positions available within the industry. We have covered everything you need to know before you start applying for crypto jobs.

If you want to get familiar with other cryptocurrency and web3-related topics, check out our other blogposts on the website.

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